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Home Installation Guide Arduino IDE Arduino IDE Slow Response Error rxtxSerial.dll Fix

Arduino IDE Slow Response Error rxtxSerial.dll Fix

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On some 64 bit PC that we have tested, there are some error with the serial port driver that cause Arduino IDE to have very slow response especially when you click the Tools from the Arduino IDE top menu. If you already have your Arduino IDE downloaded and ready in your PC, simply run the Arduino IDE, and try to click the tools from top menu. If you get the dropdown menu after more than 10 seconds, then you will have to follow this guide for the rxtxSerial.dll Fix.


Download the attached rxtxSerial.dll zip file at the end of this article, and unzip it. You should get 2 files extracted from the zip file, one “instructions.txt” text file, and the other one “rxtxSerial.dll” file. Copy this ‘rxtxSerial.dll” file to your Arduino folder, and replace the old “rxtxSerial.dll” file. Before you copy, make sure your Arduino IDE is not running, and it is advised to have the orginal “rxtxSerial.dll” backed up (simple rename the original dll file to “rxtxSerial_backup.dll”).


After the fix, try to run Arduino IDE again, and this time you should have a smoother Arduino IDE. Clicking on Tools menu will give you immediate dropdown menu, and the startup time for Arduino IDE will also be faster. It also improve the program loading time for Arduino IDE.

FileFile size
Download this file (rxtxSerial-2.2_fixed_2009-03-17.zip)rxtxSerial.dll Fix96 Kb


#13 Ian 2014-03-28 08:24
TY! Quick fix that saved me loads of time. :lol:
#12 Ismael Romero 2014-03-13 18:32
Thank you, thank you very much

you saved me a lot of time uploading and debugin :D
#11 Orikle 2013-05-04 02:36
Was getting annoyed at the time taken to open menus on x64 Windows 8. This patch made the IDE start up faster, and fix all problems I had with the lag!

Bravo to the developers! :lol:
#10 Alessandro 2013-04-16 00:55
Hi, having similar problem with the arduino due but your patch does not seem to work....any idea what I should do ?
#9 Jors 2012-10-20 00:20
Wow nice :P I expected a little difference or nothing at all to be honest, but its perfectly smooth now, thx a lot.

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