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X-Combat at Robogamez 2010 3rd Day

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Robogamez 2010 3rd day! Maybe I should start with some photos that we capture with other team and friends.

A friend previously from UTM.


Team UPM, our old “war mate”, that we join Robogamez 2009, RCW 2010 and now Robogamez 2010 together. We also have very tough fight during RCW 2010.



X-Combat at Robogamez 2010 2nd Day

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I just back from UNITEN, would like to write something about the progress for X-Combat on the 2nd day in Robogamez 2010.

We are wearing Red today, it’s the t-shirt given by UNITEN to all participant.

X-Combat at Robogamez 2010 2nd Day

I will say today is not the lucky day or a good day for X-Combat. For both Round Robin 2 and Round Robin 3, we didn’t perform well, we didn’t manage to conquer the tower on any of the game today, and we even score –10 point for Round Robin 3. So, our accumulating points is 15 (Round Robin 1) + 0 (Round Robin 2) + (-10) (Round Robin 3) = 5 point.


X-Combat at Robogamez 2010 1st Day

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We arrived early, around 11.50am, but the whole pit area is almost empty. The Round Robin 1 start at 3pm, but we are very exited so we came early.



Robogamez 2010 Here We Come..

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Tomorrow we, X-Combat (Combat Robot Team from E Shore Technologies) will be going to KL, for ROBOGAMEZ 2010 (http://robogamez.blogspot.com/). Below are the video for Friendly Match during RCW 2010 in MMU Melaka, the most enjoyable match for the whole RCW 2010. (more videos for RCW 2010 here).



RoboGamez 2010 is Around The Corner!

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For all robotic hobbies or ‘geeks’, just to inform you that the Robogamez 2010 with the theme “Rising of The Silent Tower: Resist or Surrender II” is around the corner. The date for the competition is from 11-14 November 2010 and make sure you don’t miss it. For more information, please visit the Robogamez 2010 official website.



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